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Brain Injury Association of Michigan – BIA provides a full listing of support groups throughout Michigan, recreational opportunities and survivor activities, as well as trainings and education regarding traumatic brain injuries.

  • Helpline: (800) 772-4323

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) – These centers, located throughout Michigan, provide services designed to maximize self-sufficiency and independence of people with disabilities.

  • Contact: (888) 255-2457

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc (MPAS) – This organization provides information and advocacy to people with disabilities in Michigan

Contact: (800) 288-5923

Michigan Legal Aid Services – This organization produces the Michigan Legal Assistance Network Guide for low-income persons and seniors in Michigan.

  • Contact: (800) 875-4130

waiting.com – a website created by the Brain Injury Law Group that provides information on TBI, its effects and how to cope.

Brain Injury Resource Center – Find information on self-advocacy and care, effective healing, and maximizing recovery.

  • Contact: 1-206-621-8558

Disability Information and Resources – Designed like an online library, this site provides links to numerous online resources on accessibility, education, job placement, legal assistance, and more.

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC) – Access statewide network that lobbies on behalf of Michigan’s disabled community.

  • Contact: 1-888-760-4600