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We’re Celebrating Brain Injury Awareness Month By Celebrating the People We Serve

At Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, we see the strength. The perseverance. The hope people have, even after a brain injury sets them back. For this reason, we believe Brain Injury Awareness Month shouldn’t only be about awareness. It should be about celebrating the very individuals making their comeback. According to the Brain Injury Association, someone […]

Driven: A Story of Success

When Matt Rooks gets behind the wheel of his 40-ton rig, he doesn’t just see the long road ahead. He sees the long journey already overcome. On June 3, 2015, Matt was parked on the shoulder of the road to attend to another trucker, when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Miraculously, Matt’s only major […]

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Hires Psychologist

Adds depth to clinical rehabilitation teams Grand Rapids, MI, January 19, 2016 – Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, a leader in brain injury rehabilitation, is pleased to announce that Karen Foster, MA, LLP, CAADC has joined the rehabilitation team in Grand Rapids. Foster comes to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation from InterAct of Michigan in Kent County, […]

A Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Resident Joins MSU Cheer Squad

Ashley, a resident of Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation in East Lansing, was recently made an honorary cheerleader by the Michigan State University cheerleading squad. Knowing that Ashley is a huge fan of MSU and loves cheerleading, her Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Kelly Singer, called the cheer coach, who was more than receptive to including Ashley. In […]

Finding Therapy in Unexpected Ways

Fishing rods. Hiking boots. GPS devices. Not exactly items you’d associate with therapeutic equipment. Until now. That’s because Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation (HNNR) thinks out of the box when developing strategies to improve the lives of people with a brain injury. Earlier this year David Held, a member of the HNNR Therapeutic Recreation team began looking […]

“Unmasking Brain Injury” at ArtPrize 2016

Many of us go through life hiding behind a “mask” at one time or another. For someone with a brain injury, it may feel like that mask will never be removed. Physical limitations, memory deficits, not acting like the person they “used to be”, these are common changes people with a brain injury face. When […]

Introducing the Solo-Step Fall Protection System

We are excited to introduce the Solo-Step Fall Prevention Overhead Track System, our latest step toward improving service quality, efficiency, and cost for patients and insurance providers. Using a lightweight harness connected to a ceiling track, patients with balance concerns can safely practice activities that would normally present a fall risk or be too difficult […]

Hope Network patient with ties to MSU football team featured in Lansing State Journal

Father Jake Foglio experienced a brain injury as a result of a car accident last year and made his amazing comeback at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation’s East Lansing location.  Last fall he returned to the sidelines at Spartan Stadium, where he serves as a spiritual adviser for Michigan State University’s head football coach, Mark Dantonio.  Click the link […]

Hope Network Vice President Receives Brain Injury Association of Michigan Award

Margaret Kroese has been a residential instructor, a director, and a vice president.  She has been a leader in the community and a strong voice for Michigan’s No-Fault System.  She has meant so much to so many–and if you’ve met her, it’s easy to know why. Join us in congratulating Margaret on receiving the Legacy Society Community Service Award, […]

Driving to Recovery after Injury

Visual scanning. Attention. Reaction time. Multi-tasking. Listening. These are all areas that can be problematic after a neurologic injury. They are also essential tools people need to function independently in everyday life, like while driving. But did you know that driving itself can address all of these areas and more? It can. And we offer […]