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Therapeutic Recreation

In our therapeutic recreation services, individuals receive one-on-one services from a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who develops a personalized treatment plan that incorporates an individual’s interests and goals.  Emphasis is placed on restoring a person’s pre-injury lifestyle through identification and use of accommodations and community resources.

Outdoor Recreation Program

  • The Outdoor Recreation Program is led by a DNR-Certified Hunter Safety Evaluator and involves complex outdoor activities such as hunting with bows or firearms, four wheeling, skiing, and more. This program is designed to assist sports men and women back into activities that they enjoyed previously.

Horticultural Therapy

  • Utilizes plant-related activities, such as gardening, to address issues with endurance, time management, memory, sequencing and relaxation.

Lifestyle Enrichment Programs

  • Hope Network’s Lifestyle Enrichment Programs provide people living with brain injury an opportunity to participate in a variety of small group activities. Each program is carefully designed and overseen by our therapeutic recreation team to increase activity levels, promote peer relationships, and reduce the risk of obesity, depression, and other conditions that often increase the need for professional intervention.